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Voice of the Ancestors

19 White Men who admitted there were Indigenous Black people in the Americas: Volume II

19 White Men who admitted there were Indigenous Black people in the Americas: Volume II

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In a world that has been shaped by dominant narratives, it is essential to delve into the hidden truths and long-overlooked accounts of history. In this pursuit, I present to you the second volume of my book, "19 White Men who admitted there were Indigenous Black people in the Americas." The decision to embark on this second volume stems from the unwavering need to fortify the overwhelming amount of evidence laid out in the first.


Yet, before we embark on this captivating journey, it is crucial to again establish the context in which we use the term "indigenous." Drawing from the Merriam Webster dictionary, when we refer to indigenous, we are speaking of the earliest known inhabitants of a place, particularly those whose lands were colonized by a now dominant group. It’s this definition that lays the groundwork for understanding the profound connection between Black people and the lands they called home in the Americas long before the colonial era.


Which is why in the confines of this quick read, we shall unveil even more compelling evidence that substantiates the presence of Black Indigenous people in the Americas. Shedding light on the accounts of 19 additional white explorers, scholars, and scientists from the past to the present, who have boldly acknowledged this historical reality. The first volume offered a glimpse into this fascinating history, but this second installment delves deeper into the archives, unearthing the forgotten narratives of people like Sir Walter Raleigh and amplifying the voices of those who dared to speak the truth like Richard Neaves. Through meticulous research and exploration, we strive to present a comprehensive mosaic of evidence that dismantles misconceptions and challenges the status quo.


The resounding success of the first book, which reached the heights of becoming an Amazon bestseller, stands as a testament to the hunger for this hidden history. Your clear thirst for knowledge, the desire to confront suppressed truths, and the yearning to embrace a more inclusive history have encouraged the continuation of this essential project. It is a testament to the collective longing for a fuller, richer narrative of the past that honors the contributions of black people who have shaped the Americas and for that I thank you.


Therefore, as we embark on this enlightening voyage, let us once again open our hearts and minds to the voices that have long been silenced, the accounts that have been dismissed, and the truths that have been obscured. Together, we shall navigate the historical tapestry woven by white men who acknowledged the existence of Black indigenous people in the Americas. May this second volume like the first stand not only as a testament to their words but also as a tribute to the resilience, wisdom, and the contributions of indigenous black people that continue to enrich the Americas to this very day.

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