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American Maroon Pack

American Maroon Pack

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In this American Maroon Super pack, you will get the Amazon #1 Best-selling American Maroon Documentary produced by Tariq Nasheed and starring our very own Chase McGhee plus many more. Also, you will get Chase's newest book the 500 Amazing Facts about the Negro: Volume I: North America, Mexico, and Canada and his bestselling 19 White Men Who Admitted There Were Indigenous Black People in the Americas. 

American Maroon Preview:

American Maroon is a groundbreaking documentary film about the Foundational Black American rebel fighters who freed themselves during formal slavery in America. For centuries, enslaved Black people fought the oppressive forces in America, while finding sanctuary in swamps and other maroon communities. American Maroon reveals the untold history of these unsung freedom fighters, and how their legacy is alive today.

500 Amazing Facts about the Negro: Volume I: 

The 500 Amazing facts about the Negro Volume I: 1-100, is a tribute to the 1934 classic the 100 Amazing facts about the Negro written by J.A. Rodgers. In Volume I we will focus on Mexico, the United States and Canada and throughout, offer a special insight into Foundational Black Americans. A term designated for Black Americans who are the descendants of the Black people who survived one of the greatest atrocities in recorded history, American slavery. For it is this group that has often been overlooked and neglected by much of society for far too long, despite the fact that many of us benefit from their achievements today.

19 White Men Who Admitted There Were Indigenous Black People in the Americas:

Over the last several years within academia there has been a growing debate about the first people of the Americas and who they were. Much of the source of this conversation has come from the grassroots of the Black community who through research, have discovered that not only were there Black people in the Americas before the slave trade, but that Black people may very well be the first people of the Americas. Despite the evidence that has been provided over the years to support this claim it is still seen as a very controversial topic, especially among many non-black scholars and historians. Yet as you will learn in this quick read Black people where not the only ones making these claims. In fact as Chase will highlight 19 White Men did the same, admitting that there were Indigenous Black people in the Americas.



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