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Voice of the Ancestors

BEE Pack: 10 Legendary Black Investors & 30 Black Wallstreets'

BEE Pack: 10 Legendary Black Investors & 30 Black Wallstreets'

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Black Economic Empowerment Pack


10 Legendary Black Investors you NEED to KNOW about !

"10 Legendary Black Investors You NEED to Know!" is an illuminating journey into the lives, achievements, and investment philosophies of ten pioneering Black investors who have not only mastered the financial world but also used their success to uplift the Black community. Authored by Chase McGhee against the backdrop of a transformative era in finance, this book highlights the monumental contributions of Black investors who navigated and excelled in a realm long marginalized within the spheres of wealth and investment. From Robert Smith's visionary leadership and philanthropic endeavors to Mellody Hobson's advocacy for financial literacy and diversity, each chapter delves into the personal and professional lives of these remarkable individuals, presenting a rich tapestry of perseverance, strategic acumen, and visionary thinking. Beyond celebrating their financial successes, "10 Legendary Black Investors You NEED to Know!" serves as a source of inspiration and a call to action, aiming to redefine perceptions of success within the Black community and showcase the diverse paths to financial empowerment.

30 Black Wall Streets' the Mainstream media NEVER told you about!

In recent years, a crucial conversation has resurfaced in America, gaining momentum particularly in the wake of George Floyd's tragic death at the hands of officer Derek Chauvin. This conversation revolves around the profound challenges Foundational Black Americans have endured throughout history—a narrative of pain, resilience, and unyielding spirit. At the heart of these discussions, often led by mainstream media, lies the focus on the wealth gap and the economic hardships that Black Americans have had to withstand. A frequently cited example is the Tulsa Race Massacre, where a flourishing Black community in Oklahoma, known as Black Wall Street, was decimated by a racially motivated attack. This narrative, while crucial, has inadvertently narrowed the focus to a singular story of loss and despair.

Contrary to the common belief that Tulsa was the sole epitome of Black economic prosperity, history tells us a different story. Across the United States, from Mound Bayou in Mississippi​​ to Five Points in Denver​​, and Boley in Oklahoma​​, Foundational Black Americans created thriving communities, establishing businesses, schools, and cultural institutions. These were not isolated instances of prosperity; they were a testament to a widespread phenomenon of resilience and entrepreneurial excellence.

Regrettably, the success of these communities often drew hostile responses, not just from local vigilantes but also through systemic policies at local, state, and federal levels. These actions were not mere incidents of random violence but a concerted effort to suppress Black economic independence and growth. Yet, despite facing continual setbacks, the spirit of Foundational Black Americans remained unbroken. Each time a community was brought down, it rose again, displaying an extraordinary level of resilience and entrepreneurship. This book aims to shed light on these often-overlooked stories, celebrating the indomitable spirit of Black Americans in their relentless pursuit of economic self-reliance and community development. The destruction of these Black Wall Streets and the subsequent economic impact extends beyond the immediate losses. It represents a significant blow to generational wealth and progress for Black Americans. This book presents a compelling argument for reparations, not just as an act of restitution but as a necessary step towards rectifying historical injustices.

In sum, "30 Black Wall Streets the Mainstream Media Never Told You About" is more than a book; it is a journey into the heart of American history, a recognition of Foundational Black American excellence, and a clarion call for justice and equity. As you embark on this journey, you will discover a narrative of resilience and hope, one that challenges preconceived notions and illuminates the path towards a more inclusive and truthful understanding of American history. Therefore, sit back and relax and let that tickle you feel running down your spine when reading this book, motivate you to build a better world for yourself, community, and future generations to come. For against all odds these Foundational Black Americans risk their life to be able to do so.   


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