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Voice of the Ancestors Volume II: NFF (Never Forgive or Forget)

Voice of the Ancestors Volume II: NFF (Never Forgive or Forget)

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Get your Copy of Voice of the Ancestors VII

Voice of the Ancestors Volume II is the second edition in the critically acclaimed Voice of the Ancestors book series. In the first edition of the series, we talked about removing the shackles and chains from your mind but in the second edition, we will talk about keeping them off. In this powerful guide to self-empowerment, Chase McGhee breaks down why it is important for Blacks in America and around the world to begin to develop an NFF mentality. A mentality that is predicated on never forgiving our enemies who have wronged our ancestors or their descendants. As well as never forgetting those ancestors and what they built, went through and died for. History always repeats itself, the weak will ignore it but the strong will learn from and never forget it. This is why Voice of the Ancestors VII is a must-have in every Black household.

The book will officially be released on April 12th, 2020. However, signed copies will be delivered after this date. This is due to the Coronavirus and the delays it has caused in shipping. At the latest, your book will be delivered by May the 1st but possibly sooner. You will be notified via email when your book ships out. 

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